Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shane and Emily

When I was introduced to Creative Memories fifteen years ago, I thought it was so cool. I made myself a baby book of Shane and Emily, birth to two years old, and it didn't even cross my mind that one day Shane and Emily would have their own lives and probably want their own baby books. Well I can't split the book that I made for myself into two to give to them, so recently I decided to make one for each of them. Geesh, this will be a big project of redeveloping the negatives etc. Lucky for me the digital/computer age came along, so I thought that I would just make cool books online for them, and I am learning that there is so much that you can do with your photos online. I am currently going through all my old photos of Shane and Emily when they were little and converting the negatives to digital Cd's so that I can create some baby books online for each of them to keep. A gift from their mother. My friend, Christy, that introduced me to creative memories also introduced me to a web site that is very cool for photo editing. You can crop and edit photos and then save it back to your computer. This site is my new obsession, try it out it is pretty cool..... Now if I can only get my computer to run a little faster I will have those books done in no time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

After waking this morning to view a mothers day blog that my sister made dedicated to our mother with great pictures, I was feeling a little inadequate in the mothers day dedication department. Don't get me wrong her blog page was beautiful and made all of us women in the family cry (it must be in the genes.) I decided that I was going to learn how to do this blog thing.
I went to log on to my internet and it wasn't working, so after I had coffee and looked at Robins blog at Sonja's house, I went home to fix my internet problem.
After cutting the plug head off of the cat5 cable in the garage I new I was in for a big project. "This is not what I wanted to do on mothers day!" I thought. Reluctantly I went to radio shack to get a new plug adapter to patch the cable connection so I could learn how to blog. Plus, I had to fix it now because I cut the plug head off.

Before I left to get the part, I thought to myself "I should check the wall jack in the office before I go." I wanted to make sure that I didn't need to fix that connection also. Sure enough, the slumber party of teenage girls moved the futon bed and stepped on the cord and pulled it out of the wall! Great, that would have been an easy fix, but I decided to make it hard on myself and cut the plug head OFF on the other end of the cord in the garage. Off to radio shack I go.
As soon as I got home I got called in to work, so back and forth to Camp Pendleton I go to scan a mans arm to make sure that he didn't have a "DVT" (deep vein thrombosis.) I get home and I fix my connection, a five hour project that could have been avoided had I just checked the cord connection, at the wall, in the office.
After all that, I fixed it, and I am proud of my self. Geesh! Then we went to dinner and a movie and, oh yea, I also learned how to blog. Happy Mothers Day to all and to all a good night cuz I am tired. :)

I included some pics of the teens! They are so goofy at this age!

This picture is after the movie on our way home to bed. :)

Well to blog again later. Signing out........<3 Erika